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Community engagement workshop in Ethiopia

A community engagement workshop was held on September 29, 2022 for representatives from the Bahirdar Zuria District. The aim of the workshop was to provide clear and sufficient information about the SeroSelectTB project, to build trust between the community and the researchers, to increase community awareness about TB, and encourage individuals with symptoms suggesting TB to seek medical attention at health facilities in a timely fashion.

Kidist Bobosha addressing participants at the community engagement workshop.

A total of 64 participants including elders, religious leaders, kebele chairpersons, youth representatives, health facility heads, and district representatives attended the workshop.

Melese Yeshambaw demonstrating finger prick blood sample collection.

General information about TB burden, transmission, symptoms and treatment, and specific information about the aims of the SeroSelectTB project, participant recruitment, inclusion and exclusion criteria, how the SeroSelectTB test works, and referral were provided. A discussion was held with the participants on expectations from the community, the research team, and healthcare workers in the district.

The facilitators were Melese Yeshambaw, Tamirat Assefa, Roman Tsehaynew and Kidist Bobosha.


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