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First participant enrolled in Ethiopia

The first participant (left), the health extension worker at the Kinbaba health post collecting the finger prick blood sample (middle), and the participant holding SeroSelectTB test results and health information to be delivered to the next level of healthcare.

Enrollment in the SeroSelectTB field evaluations commenced at the Kinbaba health post, Bahirdar Zuria District, on October 7, 2022. The SeroSelectTB test was performed by the Health Extension Worker (HEW) at the health post, and the participant was thereafter sent to the Kinbaba health center to complete the eCRF and for confirmatory testing.

The AHRI-SeroSelectTB team initiated the project implementation in collaboration with zonal and district TB focal persons, and a kick-off meeting was held with heads of the district health offices from all study sites. Training was provided to healthcare workers at the health posts and health centers in Bahirdar Zuria district, and a community engagement meeting was held for community representatives.

Health Extension Worker performing the SeroSelectTB test while a colleague looks on at the Kinbaba health post.

On-job training for HEWs continues at other health posts in the district. The major challenges being faced include high workload for HEWs, sample transport, and internet connection.

Congratulations to the team at AHRI


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