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First participant enrolled in Tanzania

The first participant (on left) accompanied by a family member (on right) reading information about the project provided by the healthcare worker at the Pasua dispensary in Moshi urban.

SeroSelectTB participant enrollment commenced at two of the clinical sites in Moshi, Tanzania on September 14th, 2022.

The project team from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo) recently conducted community engagement activities in Moshi urban, Moshi rural, and Hai district catchment areas. Healthcare workers from the 21 sites attended workshops addressing data collection using the electronic case report form (eCRF) and REDCap, the randomization app, and the rapid test procedure. Retraining sessions to ensure quality were successfully completed prior to study start.

The first participants received information about the SeroSelectTB study, consented to participate, willingly provided answers to the questionnaire (eCRF) that were entered directly into REDCap by the healthcare worker, and were randomized into one of the two of the study arms. Participant enrollment at the remaining 19 sites will commence during the next weeks.

The lack of WiFi access at most sites is a challenge and solutions are being addressed. In addition, many of the facilities are off the main roads and can be difficult to access during inclement weather. Just a few days ago the project team from KCMUCo had to deliver supplies to one of the sites “by foot”, walking the last few kilometers from the main road to the dispensary.

Congratulations to the team at KCMUCo!

Photo: Martin Sode Nielsen

The news was received by the project lead in Norway just after a strong thunderstorm rolled through the area. A gorgeous double rainbow over the village accompanied the update from Tanzania. This must be a good omen!


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